amyzSomething happened when I published my first book last year ….. I became hooked!!

It’s been a magical experience to be published author, knowing that my book is helping others through their journey; and knowing that doctors are giving their patients MY book as suggested reading material.

In the first year, I have sold 750 copies of my book! The average self-published book sells between 200-300 ….. so I am way above average! I sold the first 200 through my Kickstarter campaign, another 300 through Amazon, and the rest through in-person sales & book signings, and via my website.

Make no mistake, at roughly $6.40 per book, I am not getting rich off of book sales. But what I am getting is a deep satisfaction that I am helping others. I am looked to as an “expert” so to speak, and am being asked to speak at conferences and conventions.

There is nothing more satisfying to me than meeting a group of TBI survivors and their loved ones … and sharing stories of strength and courage. I love sharing what has helped me, and what hasn’t, and how I am able to cope with some of my lingering symptoms and not allow them to take control over me.

I have been blessed with the gift of story telling and bringing people together.

My second book is due out ANY DAY now, and I couldn’t be more proud of this piece of work. It is anthology — which means that it is a collection of stories written by other survivors and caregivers. There are 87 stories of strength and inspiration, all brought together by an invisible injury. These 87 people have trusted me with their precious story, and many are sharing it in written form for the very first time!! I am so incredibly proud of each and every person who is a part of this book!! It is going to change lives, and start a movement — it is a must-read for anyone who has been touched by TBI!

Through Kickstarter, we were able to raise the money needed to produce the book and ship out 500 copies that have been pre-ordered!! SO INCREDIBLE!! There has been so much support and love around this book. I already know there’s going to be a second volume in the future!!

So what’s my point in all of this?!? Don’t put off writing that book! Don’t let fear hold you back from telling your story. Even if there are already 1,000 books on the same topic — YOU bring a unique voice to the topic. You have your groupies who are going to WANT to read your story. SHARE YOUR STORY!! 

Let me help you — that’s my strength! Together we are a powerful force!


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