2016-08-18 20.51.38My question to you today is simple:
are you being authentic in your business?

I want you to take a moment to really think about this…. are you being truly authentic? are you allowing yourself to be vulnerable?? are you being fully transparent in your biz???

Many clients I have worked with over the years have had trouble with these questions. On the one hand, they feel they are being authentic…. yet on the other hand, they’re not willing to really dive deep and share with their potential clients who they are…. what they stand for…. what makes them different from the other businesses¬†out there. They aren’t willing to put themselves out there and be vulnerable and transparent…. they only put enough of themselves out there for potential clients to catch a small glimmer.

Let me tell you something really important:

the more authentic you are, the more potential clients will connect with you — thus leading to them wanting to work with you!

I get it, being vulnerable is scary. And I am not saying you have to over-share your personal life. But you DO have to be willing to let those potential clients see into your every day life, to see who you really are — at your core.

I am told all the time from clients that the reason they chose to work with me is because I was very open and honest about my challenges and failures, as well as my successes and strengths.

It’s all about balance.

Take a good look at your social media and blog posts. What are you sharing? While you may think to yourself that you ARE being authentic, I want you to take a really good look. If you were looking at it from the outside (a perspective client), would you really understand what makes you tick, what you’re passionate about and WHY?

Share with me in the comments below whether you think you excel at authenticity, or if you need to work on improving it a bit.

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