Join me for THREE MONTHS of one-on-one individualized training!


For THREE MONTHS (that’s 12 weeks!) we will work together on an individualized program to help you achieve a bigger goal. This Bootcamp is designed specifically to YOUR needs and will focus on what YOU want to accomplish. This is NOT a one-size-fits-all program …… it is a “THIS SIZE FITS ME PERFECTLY” program!!

Ideas of big goals we can work on include:
– Implement a strategy to double your email list in 30 days
– Create a 15 minute daily social media routine to increase leads
– Create a free offering
– Implement a “Content Marketing” plan to attract high-end clients
– Launch a Kickstarter for your product/book/etc
– Setting a sustainable marketing budget that fits your business
– Launch an evergreen program of your own to attract residual income

To kick things off, you will receive my “Marketing Makeover” ebook to bring you up to speed on the fundamentals of a solid marketing strategy. From there, we will create your three-month action plan & weekly goals that you want to accomplish during this three-month Bootcamp.

What I will do for you:
1. Help you create a three-month action plan & weekly goals
2. Send you weekly emails with a lesson and action item to complete
3. Connect with you via phone or skype every other week for one hour
4. Keep you accountable to your three-month goal(s)
5. Offer you email support throughout the three months
6. Be your biggest cheerleader
7. I will NOT let you give up
8. Offer you resources for items that you need extra help with
9. Review your copy writing
10. Give you the support you need to complete your three-month project

This three month bootcamp is valued at over $3000……. but for you it is 90% off!!

ONLY $299* for 3 months of 1:1 marketing training
(or 3 payments of $125) *non refundable
Purchase more than 1 package to continue your bootcamp further than 3 months!!

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