This is my favorite week of the year! Everyone has settled down from the whirlwind of the Holidays and is settling in to begin their task-list and goal setting for 2017.

Their attention has shifted from spending too much money on presents, to making more money in their business.

But for many, the hustle resumes again in a few weeks and those well meaning intentions and goals go unnoticed.

Don’t let this happen to you!!!

Join me for the first quarter of 2017 and start your Empowered Year with accountability!!

Beginning Thursday, January 5th at 10am CST you will embark on your Empowered Year!!

Do you struggle with which tasks to work on first??

Do you find it hard to focus on what needs to be done because you have 87million thoughts in your head??

Have you missed important deadlines because of overwhelm and procrastination?

Are you looking for a group of like-minded peeps to hang out with and bounce ideas off of???

For only $199 you will receive:
* 3 months of accountability, support, and inspiration
* weekly Zoom conference calls with the entire group every Thursday at 10am CST (calls will be recorded and provided to you if you’re not able to attend live).
* weekly “homework” assignments designed to help you grow personally and professionally
* monthly one-on-one accountability calls with me
* a secret Facebook group where we can all interact with each other and continue to support and inspire throughout the quarter
* private access to me through FB, email, and text in the event of an “empowerment emergency”

* my brand new Empowered Intentions workbook and audio
* my Empowered Gratitude worksheet

You get ALL of this for ONLY $199
(or two payments of $110)
The value of your 3 1:1 calls with me alone are worth more than this!!
This complete course is valued at over $2,000 ….
What are you waiting for??? Join me!!!

How long will the calls be?? 
Depending on how many people are on the call they will be 30-40 minutes long. Everyone will have 30-60 seconds to tell us what they’re up to, what they’ve accomplished in the past week, and what they need help with. I will go over our lesson for the week, and then we will open it up to helping each other with resources and inspiration.

Worried about missing some of the weekly calls?? DON’T!!
I don’t expect you to be on the call every week for 13 weeks. As long as you can make the majority of them you will get the full value out of this course!! Put the dates on your calendar, but I totally understand that life and business happen!!

Finding this a week or so after the class has already started?? Don’t worry ….
you will still get the full value out of it and we will get you caught up in no time!!

Not sure if this is the right fit for you??
Schedule a FREE ice-breaker session with me and we can chat it through. But I promise you – iff you’re even considering it, I know that this will be the perfect fit for you and you will totally rock and roll the first quarter of 2017!! Schedule your ice breaker here:

You deserve to accomplish everything you intend to in 2017. Allow yourself to embark on your Empowered Year. 


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