Amy Zellmer, Coach

Scroll through this page to browse my Coaching packages. I consider myself a hybrid coach, combining both personal and professional growth to help you achieve your Empowered Journey!

Your Empowered Journey Coaching 

One-On-One Personal Coaching

One Month $199 |  Three Months $495  | Six Months $900  | 12 Months $1750
monthly payment plans are available with a retainer of half-down

In addition, the first FOUR people to register will receive DOUBLE THE MONTHS for NO ADDITIONAL COST!!

Through the years I have watched solopreneurs struggle with their identity. Not sure what to charge, what they’re worth, if their clients will pay that much, what type of clients they actually want, how many clients they want, how busy they want to be, and what type of lifestyle they want to live. Some of my nearest and dearest friends have struggled because they just couldn’t figure it all out and change their mindsets and beliefs; and these were true creative rockstars with serious talent!

My goal for founding Empowered Journey Coaching is to help inspire you to realize your full potential as a solopreneur. We all make mistakes, but learning from our mistakes and understanding why they were mistakes is a huge step towards success. We can all get off track, and this is where working with a Coach can really make a huge difference in your business!

These are live one-on-one calls in which we will talk about your situation specifically and how we can inspire you to MAKE MORE MONEY in your business by changing your old beliefs and habits into new ones on the path towards success. We will talk 3-4 times per month (taking one week off each month) plus weekly worksheets to help you along! In between calls I encourage you to email me your success stories, or if you are struggling with something and need my help. I am here to be your biggest cheerleader and help keep you accountable to yourself and the goals you have chosen to attain!!

So what are you waiting for?? Let’s get started TODAY!

Once I receive payment, I will send you your Welcome Packet that explains how everything works, and has a series of questions for you to fill out to help us get started! Our first call will be 45 minutes to get acquainted. After that they will be 30 minutes and you will be on your path to the income you deserve while doing what you love!! All calls will be recorded and archived for your future reference.

I am SO excited to share this journey with you!! I can‘t wait to hear from you!

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Check out the great successes I had with my clients in 2016:

* I helped a photographer create and implement an annual marketing plan to attract her perfect clients, as well as define her specific niche that she wanted to work with.

* I helped a coach create strategies to make sure she gets everything on her list accomplished in a timely matter to meet deadlines.
* I helped a Chiropractor with new marketing techniques that bring in new patients to her clinic, as well as create partnerships with potential referral sources.
* I helped a magazine publisher create and implement new systems to help her keep track of renewals and new subscribers, as well as pushed her to step out of her comfort zone and promote her magazine at a local Farmer’s Market.
* I helped an activist get their story published, as well as local media press coverage.
* I helped an advocate write copy for their website, and publish their story.
* I helped a retired mom organize her volunteer schedule and create a daily task list.
* I helped a yoga instructor figure out what was holding her back from creating a yoga studio of her dreams.
What is it YOU want to accomplish in 2017??
Let’s work together to help you achieve all the success you deserve!!


52 Weeks of Coaching Inspiration

Sometimes we just need a little extra inspiration to help us stay on track and believe in ourselves. With this 52 week program, you will receive a weekly email that will receive a golden nugget to keep you on track. It could be a video, a worksheet, an inspirational quote, a pretty to-do list to print out and implement, an audio recording, and so much more.

For less than the cost of ONE pedicure, you can have a tool that is going to remind you every single week that you are an amazing solorpreneur!!

And the BEST PART??? Choose a payment that works for you!!
The value of this weekly email is priceless, but you can have it for $10, $25, $50, $75 or $100 — you decide the value — I just want to help you break through your barriers and kick ass this year!

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Are you a Solopreneur that struggles to get things done? Do you avoid tasks because you feel overwhelmed? Do you wish you had someone to bounce ideas off of? Do you ever wish you had someone to help keep you accountable and on task??

That is why I created this BreakThrough Session, so that you have someone 100% committed to supporting and helping you with a task! Think of it like I am your bouncing board, your co-worker, your assistant, or even your partner. When we are Solopreneurs, it is sometimes daunting to think of doing everything all by yourself. But never fear, Amy is here to help!! I have an amazing talent for helping others get focused and get their sh!t done!! Sometimes all you really need is someone to hold your hand, everything you need is already within you, let me be your hand holder!!

In this session, we will spend one hour either via phone or skype, and crank out a task that you’ve been either procrastinating on, stuck on, or simply avoiding. It could be: creating a Content Marketing Piece, Overcoming a Belief, Generating a 2017 Marketing Plan, A Brainstorming Session, or any other number of things! I will send out a worksheet ahead of time for you to fill out and get back to me, that way I know exactly what we are going to be talking about and getting done in our session!

Hurry and grab your spot now for ONLY $75
and YES, you may purchase more than one session!! If you know you have a few tasks you want to get done, then LET ME HELP YOU!
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Done-For-You Virtual Assistant 

Do you struggle with marketing and attracting new clients? Do you get overwhelmed when you think about your to-d0 list? Do you freeze in place and do nothing because you’re not sure what to do? Do you want to feel empowered and in control of your business and marketing efforts?

Let’s face it, solopreneurship is hard work. It takes time and effort to gain new clients in today’s marketplace, but it really doesn’t have to be a daunting task.
Whether you’re a yoga teacher, a life coach, a photographer, a cake maker, a fashion designer, or any other solopreneur you’ll find yourselves forever asking the question of where to dedicate your time when it comes to marketing. There are SO many avenues and many feel overwhelmed with all the work involved in marketing. But the fact remains that without marketing, we will have a hard time bringing new clients in the door.

That is exactly why I created the “Done For You Virtual Assistant” package!!  Let me help you feel less overwhelmed! Let me help you get on the right track with your marketing efforts!

This 3-month package includes:
1 60 minute planning session
weekly check-in calls
5 hours each week of my virtual assistance (blogging, social media, etc)

You get all of this for ONLY $1500
or three payments of $550

But you have to ACT FAST!
I only have room to work with 3 Virtual Assistant clients!!
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