I am so excited to announce that I have created a SELF STUDY version of my Rockstar Academy course!! Yes, now you can study all of the same great materials that I cover in my live class, but at your own pace and convenience.

1. You will receive 12 assignments over the course of six weeks (two per week). You can go at your own pace. Each assignment consists of a podcast and worksheet to help you work thru a specific area of your business.

2. You will also be invited to a private facebook group in which you can post your homework and ask questions and give each other support and keep each other accountable. I will have regular office hours in this FB group if you have questions, and to offer you guidance and support.

3. the end of your six weeks, you and I will get on the phone and have a 1:1 45-minute Coaching session to take everything you’ve learned in the course and put it into an action plan for your business!!

The value of this 1:1 call alone is $149, and I am giving you ALL of this for only $149!!  ONLY $95 FOR CYBER MONDAY!!!

Each and every one of us has the potential to be a Rock Star, but sometimes it is hard to believe it, brag about it, or uncover it. I will take you through these 12 strategies and push you further than you’ve been pushed before. I will hold you accountable to yourself and force you to light up your Rock Star neon lights!


In this course we will cover 12 strategies designed to help you grow your business and gain more confidence and clarity!

Module One:
Define Your Niche
Attract Perfect Clients
Module Two:
Define Your Dream and Create Your Daily Set List
Get Over Fears and Beliefs
Module Three:
The Power Of Words
Letting Go of Self Sabotaging Behaviors
Module Four:
 Toot Your Own Horn
Create Raving Fans
Module Five:
Tell Your Story
Overcome Objections
Module Six:
Get Rid of Bad Habits
Know Your Worth

These assignments will really make you think and encourage you to change the bad habits and beliefs that are keeping you stuck in your business.

I specialize in working with people going thru major life changes, such as divorce, bankruptcy, relocation, health or physical issues, etc. I have been there done that, and know for a fact that these 12 strategies will help you get thru it and back on track to a successful business and life. 

For only $149, this self-study course is priced to avoid any and all excuses about cost. YOU CAN’T AFFORD NOT TO TAKE THIS COURSE!

Grab your seat NOW:


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