It happens to all of us. Whether you’re a coach, photographer, fitness instructor, stylist, or any other service based solopreneur you’ve experienced that hollow feeling when you realize a client has gone elsewhere.

You spend weeks, months, years, or even decades working with your clients. You develop a bond with them, you feel like they’re family. Then one day — they disappear — never to be heard from again.

Sometimes they completely drop off the face of the earth. Sometimes they move far away. Sometimes there is simply no explanation, and this is when it hurts the worst.

They’ve moved on. They longer want or need you. You feel like you’ve just been dumped in high school all over again.

What’s hard is that there isn’t closure. No explanation of why they have chosen to work with someone else. But they don’t owe you anything. However, you owe it to yourself to GET OVER IT.

You simply grew apart. It happens in ALL (well, most) relationships — eventually. Either you outgrew them, or they outgrew you. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that you hold them in your heart but let them go and move forward with your business.

Because you know what happens?? They will usually be replaced by two new clients, who are absolutely perfect for you!! They cut ties and cleared up space for you, which allows room for these new (and improved) clients to find you.

It really can hurt, especially if it seems like several left all at once. But know that it’s not you, it’s them. It was time for them to move on — whether it was a financial decision, location, or maybe someone gifted them services — it’s an opportunity for you both to grow in different ways.

Plus — you never know — they may circle back to you again one day. And when they do, you will greet them with open arms!!

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